Invoke-Obfuscation is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible PowerShell command and script obfuscation framework.

Release Date: 2016-09-25, DerbyCon (Louisville, Kentucky USA)

Source Code:


Invoke-CradleCrafter is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible PowerShell remote download cradle generator and obfuscation framework.

Release Date: 2017-04-28, x33fcon (Gdynia, Poland)

Source Code:


Co-authored with Microsoft's Lee Holmes (@Lee_Holmes).

Revoke-Obfuscation is a PowerShell v3.0+ compatible PowerShell obfuscation detection framework.

Release Date: 2017-07-27, Black Hat USA (Las Vegas, USA)

Source Code:




Invoke-DOSfuscation is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible cmd.exe command obfuscation generator and detection test harness framework.

Release Date: 2018-03-23, Black Hat Asia (Singapore)

Source Code: