Daniel Bohannon is a Principal Applied Security Researcher at MANDIANT, A FireEye Company. Prior to that he spent two years as a Senior Incident Response Consultant for MANDIANT as well as five years in both IT operations and security roles for a national restaurant franchise.

Mr. Bohannon received a Master of Science in Information Security from the Georgia Institute of Technology (2013) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The University of Georgia (2010).

He has authored multiple projects and publications related to PowerShell and cmd.exe obfuscation and detection, and has delivered numerous workshops and presentations on these topics at universities, hackerspaces and conferences around the world. His primary research areas include obfuscation, evasion and methodology-based host- and network-based detection techniques applied at scale.

The thoughts expressed in this personal blog are his own and are not representative of his employer -- past, present or future.